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A weekly newsletter outlining events , milongas , practicas , courses and workshops in and around Johannesburg
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Tango News 13 February


Hola Tango Lovers!

This week:

  1. Monday: Andrea Ulchitel Lessons at La Casa del Tango .Emiliano Beginners and Intermediate Courses at Westdene
  2. Tuesday: Argentine Tango Valentines day Dance at the Dance Junxion  
  3. Wednesday Emiliano Beginners , Intermediate and Advanced Courses at La Casa del Tango in Norwood
  4. Thursday:  Andrea Ulchitel Lessons at La Casa del Tango . Progressive Tango Class at the Factory on Grant. Dance Cafe Lessons
  5. Friday: . Afro-Tango night at the Factory on Grant
  6. Saturday: 
  7. Sunday:    Milonga hosted by Bert at the Grillhousel.
  8. Check Website for Late Changes 
Here's to seeing everyone on the dance floor!

Whats New

1. Andrea Uchitel Coming to South Africa

Andrea Uchitel is coming to Johannesburg!

Meet her unique blending of the close embrace she learned from the old milongueros like Carlos Gavito with tools and experience from body awareness techniques and improvisation dance. Andrea teaches in Buenos Aires, France, Germany, Holland, Canada, Mexico, etc.
She combines sensorial, anatomical and kinetic
information to explore the use of the body while dancing a tango where technical facets are strongly connected with the essence and the beauty of social dance.

She will be visiting Johannesburg in February offering a series of group classes and private sessions. Don't miss the opportunity!
You may see videos of her at the following links

 Thursday 2nd, 8-10pm: Guided Practica

A bit of Buenos Aires in La Casa del Tango, Johannesburg!
We meet to know each other and dance. Come to share your questions and Tango curiosity.
* For everyone. Entrance: R 50.
Saturday 4th / Sunday 5th February – Intensive Weekend Workshops

Workshop 1: 2pm – Tango Embrace Dynamics
From the open embrace to the closed one (milonguero) with body awareness.
A series of exercises to develop consciousness and communication into the embrace. Specific work on the use of arms, torso and head.
Workshop 2: 4pm - Walking Orchestras
Somebody that dances, essentially listen.
Gaining a grasp of the music, listening to and interpreting. A selection of tangos from different orchestras to explore musical tools and build up the dance expressively, finding its particularity... This is about fluid melodic walk, or a rhythmical one, sometimes interrupted by a cadencia, a silence or an accent we hear on the singer, the violins or on the bandoneon...The richness of tango!
Workshop 3: 2pm - The Action of Following - The Dialogue Made of two

Leading and following are part of the same action to build the unison and the totality sensation when dancing. Technique and exercises to train and deepen connexion. Leader and follower, autonomous and together, in an intimate agreement, build the dance and become more accomplices in the embrace.
Workshop 4: 4pm - Diagonals and Spirals. Lots of Energy!
Antagonisms and dynamic contrapositions as generators and energy for cross relation, ochos, pivots, turns.... the beauty and sensuality of the dance.
* For all levels. People can attend just for one workshop. No need to come with a partner. Bring comfortable shoes.
Cost: 1 workshop: R 200; 2 workshops: R300; 4 workshops: R500.
4 GROUP LESSONS – MONDAY 6th & 13th - THURSDAY 9th & 16th
Fundamentals of the Embrace - Tango Training
8 pm - Beginners
Fundamentals of tango embrace, first elements that get straight to the heart of the dance.
9 pm - Intermediate
Reelaborate and deepen fundamentals; renewing elements and refreshing the dance!
* People can attend just for one lesson. No need to come with a partner. Bring comfortable shoes.
Cost: 1 lesson: 150 rand; 2 lessons: 250 rand; 4 lessons: 400 rand
PRIVATE LESSONS – Individual (both roles) or couples.
These personal encounters are very effective and profound. It is the opportunity to work in a deep and specific way on each one's particular problems.
We work to polish the technique and those postural bad habits that are characteristically individual and that, when dancing, generate motor difficulties and unnecessary tension, and even pains in neck, back, arms, feet... We work to rearrange discomforts, integrate and make the whole body available in the embrace for the dance connexion while we review and incorporate new tango movements, steps and sequences, enriching body's awareness and dance. Schedule your own lesson!
Cost: 1 class: R 550; 4 classes: R 1600.
Contact for questions and registration:; WhatsApp: +54 911 4420 8251
I will be glad to answer you! 

Upcoming Events

  Click on above Text to see details

Tuscany Tango Spa Holiday


Daily Digest

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Andrea Ulchitel Lessons at La Casa del Tango

4 GROUP LESSONS – MONDAY 6th & 13th - THURSDAY 9th & 16th
Fundamentals of the Embrace - Tango Training
8 pm - Beginners
Fundamentals of tango embrace, first elements that get straight to the heart of the dance.
9 pm - Intermediate
Reelaborate and deepen fundamentals; renewing elements and refreshing the dance!
* People can attend just for one lesson. No need to come with a partner. Bring comfortable shoes.
Cost: 1 lesson: 150 rand; 2 lessons: 250 rand; 4 lessons: 400 rand


Emiliano Beginners Course in Westdene Starts 6th February

  Emiliano Intermediate Course in Westdene

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At the Dance Junxion .

 At the Dance JunXion .

6 Week Beginner Group Course



 If you have any friends who want to learn the tango for the first time. Bring them along for this great introduction to Argentine Tango. We all have to start somewhere… why not at The Dance JunXion?
Course starts at 19:30 to 20:30 for 6 weeks. Cost R660.00 per person and includes free entrance to the Milonga (Tango Practice session) afterwards.

Intermediate Course .

Tony will be teaching the Intermediate to Advanced Argentine Tango lesson from 19:00-19:30 which costs R65.

Weekly Milonga

Tuesday Milonga
The Milonga is weekly on a Tuesday evening 20:00 till 23:00. D.J. Ken will be playing the music. A Collection of our favourite classic Tangos, Valsicitos and Milongas; along with some Electro Milonga and Tango, by Otros Aires, Gotan Project and more - to mix things up a bit. Music will be played in Tandas.
Entrance fee for the Milonga is R40.00.

Coachmans Crossing Shopping Centre.
Shop 5 & 5A (above Mugg & Bean)
Corner Peter Place & Karen Avenue, Bryanston.
(Turn out of William Nicol into Peter Place)
Contact Marda 0836275142

Phone: 011 463 6595

Kind Regards
Marda Vasconcellos

"Walk in, Dance out"
Tel:  011 463 6595
Cell: 083 627 5142
Like us on Facebook:

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Weekly Tango Lessons and Workshops at La Casa Del Tango in Norwood with Emiliano every Wednesday .

New Beginners Course starts 1st February 2017 Come to have a real Argentine tango experience. Absolute beginner’s course. Only 10 lessons. The first free lesson is on Wednesday 1st of February 7 pm to 8 pm. See the flyer attached for further information or contact me by e-mail:
Intermediate Lessons will continue from 18th January 20177

Advanced Level Lessons will continue from 18th January 2017

Emiliano Fernandez

Professional Argentine Tango Teacher
Facebook: Emiliano Fernandez
072 980 5747

Contact Emiliano at or 072 980 5747 for more information.

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Andrea Ulchitel Lessons at La Casa del Tango

4 GROUP LESSONS – MONDAY 6th & 13th - THURSDAY 9th & 16th
Fundamentals of the Embrace - Tango Training
8 pm - Beginners
Fundamentals of tango embrace, first elements that get straight to the heart of the dance.
9 pm - Intermediate
Reelaborate and deepen fundamentals; renewing elements and refreshing the dance!
* People can attend just for one lesson. No need to come with a partner. Bring comfortable shoes.
Cost: 1 lesson: 150 rand; 2 lessons: 250 rand; 4 lessons: 400 randA bit of Buenos Aires in La Casa del Tango, Johannesburg!

Progressive Tango Class for Couples at the Factory on Grant

Hi, Tango friends and lovers.
Beginning Thursday the 2nd of February we will start a Progressive Tango class for couples at The Factory on Grant.
 1) The class will run from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Thursday nights – beginning Thursday the 2nd of February.
2) Price is R800 per couple per month – no “drop-ins” permitted.
3) Practica will run from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
4) Those attending the class can join the Practica at no extra cost – otherwise the Practica is R50 per person.
5) The Factory on Grant – No. 72 corner of Grant Ave. & Nellie Street, Norwood.
6) e-mail: touch@tango-tensity to book for this class
 Our Friday night Classes at The Factory on Grant (Afro-Tango Nights) is a good way to introduce new-comers to the Tango.
Bring your friends along to these so they can get a taste of what Tango is all about
Enjoy our Afro-Tango social afterwards with a delicious meal off The Factory on Grant’s menu, while dancing to a mix of Tango, Bachata and Kizomba.
 As we get new people joining us every Friday night for these classes – it has not been a progressive class. We keep going back to the beginning for the new-comers.
 And so, we have decided to start a Progressive class for couples. Once the class starts on the 2nd of February, we will not be going back to the beginning - so each week we will build on what we did the week before.
 We would also insist that this is a class for couples (man – woman or man – man or woman – woman… we are not concerned about how you make up your couple) as “It takes two to Tango”. A single person on the class doesn’t get fair value for their time and money – and it is unfair to break up a couple to accommodate a single person.
 After the class we will run a Practica (practice session for all to come dance and practice what they have been learning). This will be open to everybody – even those not attending the class.
 If you would like to join us for this class please e-mail us at this e-mail address ( to book your place on this class.
If you have any questions about this class – or anything else - please feel free to e-mail us on the same e-mail address.
 Lerato and I look forward to this class and hope we see you on the dance floor soon.

Tango Classes at the Dance Cafe. 

 ery soon!

Tango classes are held from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Dance Cafe. Experience the thrill of dancing Argentine Tango and improve your dancing skills, Learn to dance Argentine Tango in a delightful social and friendly environment. Our Instructors are professional and qualified to teach you the social basics all the way to competitive steps
 For more information call

Terri Taylor   Manager



Address: CNR Wessels & 9th Avenue Rivonia, 2191 Above the Post Office.


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Afro-Tango Nights at the Factory on Grant in Norwood.

To All who came to dance with us last Friday night,

I want to say thank you for helping to make the night a success.
We will be doing it all again every  Friday night.

On the Tango class, we will be focusing on the fundamentals of lead and follow in the Tango –
this comes in handy for all couples dances = and at the same time, we explore the movements
and key elements of the tango.

The social afterwards will include Classic and Nuevo Tango; Bachata and Kizomba.
The music will be played in Tandas with Cortinas.

Entry to the Tango Class is R50
Entry to the social is R50

So come and enjoy an evening meal from The Factory on Grant’s delicious menu
while dancing some Afro-Tango. It’s a great way to slip into the weekend!

(A Milonga an Argentine Tango social – the Tandas are made up of Classic and Nuevo Tango; Tango Vals and Tango Milonga)
The Factory on Grant restaurant is situated on the corner of
72 Grant and Nellie road - Norwood.



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Sunday Milonga 19th February hosted by Bert at Grillhouse.


Visit   for the latest update and late changes  to the evenings schedule.


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Tuscany Tango Spa Holiday

Intimate groups, 7 days, half board (mostly local organic), excursions, open air salons Pisa, Lucca etc.

(TA) TANGO --- NESTOR AZORIN (Buenos Aires) - int. tango professional:
& be quick, add extra days to afterwards visit Pisa Tango Festival 9-11 june 2017:

12h tango lessons (TA), work with Alexander technique (AT), excursions, pool, hot natural thermal spa at 400 m, dance with Italian locals in (outdoor) salons, breakfast, dinner (mostly organic), own cooking kitchen: ****Country-B&B : 760,- Euro p.p./double occupancy, (some few private apartments: 980,- Euro p.p.), camper: 540,- Euro. Local milongas/festivals.

Sign up/info:
Organization: &

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You know your'e a tango junkie when
Asking a woman to dance

Asking a man  to dance.

Internet  Articles

Is Tango Better Than Sex?


Tango Teachers Private Tango Lessons in Johannesburg    Back to : This Week

Currently these are some of the Tango Teachers who give private lessons in Johannesburg. You many contact them directly or click on the links to their websites to find out more about them.

Bert Frahm : Studio Location Northcliff, Norwood,Tel 084 487 8445 , email, website   Click on Link to see Berts  Profile 
Dance Cafe:Studio Location Rivonia. Teachers Colin,Terri,Pule,Herril ,Tel Terri 0711024001, email, website
Emiliano Fernandez: Studio Locations Melville.Norwood,Pretoria . Tel 072-9805747, email  website!about-emiliano/cmv
Tony and Marda : Studio Location Dance Junxion
Sonia Burdett: Studio Location Norwood. R370 per hour for 1 or 2 persons. Will travel within 10Km from Norwood R400 per hour. Tel 084-8452470 . email Website www.afromambo.wordpress .com 



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 2. There is now a newly-created Tango calendar for everything happening in Cape Town:
 The idea is that it's a non-partisan source that offers a comprehensive and easy overview - all classes and events, updated frequently, as accurately as possible.
 There also a page with contact details for all the local organisers and teachers, links to their sites, and a google map with all the Tango locations pinned, to help the local community and visitors. 
Argentine tango is danced in other cities throughout South Africa.
Details are published in the Tangojoburg website.

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Tango Joburg  Website 

This website  offers information about Argentine tango events in the greater Johannesburg area.
The site includes information about teachers, milongas and practicas. It also offers general information about tango in other parts of South Africa and a gives a hint of some of the other dance opportunities in the greater Gauteng area.
It is administered by tango lovers in the area.


Free Tango Instruction Videos on Learn to dance Tango Phoenix

Our mission: to create the best resource for tango learning. Entirely free.

We have 274 Argentine Tango dance videos which give detailed instruction. They have comments, video section bookmarks, articles and a list of independent musicians.

Tango Videos on youtube Tango TV

This link takes you to a site where you can see numerous videos on Tango Festivals, Shows, Performances , and Lessons


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